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Monday, March 15, 2010

Recent Media Coverage in Bonda Magazine & Berita Harian

Its only March and already babywearing has been featured in two media outlets - the February issue of Bonda magazine, and the Tuesday, March 9 edition of the Ratu section in Berita Harian.

Thanks to the ladies at ibu Family Resource Group for inviting our PR representative to write this article on babywearing. Bonda is a lovely magazine published by the ibu group. For enquiries about the magazine, do contact ibu house.

The full text of the Berita Harian article cannot be found at the original source but was copied and blogged for posterity by a few babywearing bloggers here and here.

Thank you to Siti Nur of Berita Harian for writing the article. We hope that this article will have reached out to parents who wouldn't have otherwise heard about babywearing, and helped quell some of the (frankly, quite bizarre) stigma that babywearing parents have had to face here. No more bibik comments please! Unless your bibik looks as good as that carrying your baby ;) 

We are so so happy for all the media coverage that Malaysian Babywearers are getting - and its only March! Hopefully as the year goes on, we will be featured in more media outlets, with the ultimate goal being a spot on TV! (If anyone knows a way in, do let us know - we will be eternally grateful!)

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