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Saturday, December 11, 2010

And, the winners are....

IBW'10 Contest 1: How I practise Safe Babywearing

1st prize  

Comfy Joey Hunur Collection Souffle Ring Sling worth RM 449.00 sponsored by MiaBambina

1)      Check for wear/tear and pulled stitches.
2)      Rings use tested for strength and reliable.
3)      Nothing blocking the airway and two fingers distance between the chin and chest.
4)      Correct position with bum below the knees.
5)      The carrier is fully covered the bum.
6)      Aware of dangerous object that your baby could grab.
7)      Aware on sling tail to avoid trapping on moving parts.
8)      Practice before wearing in public.
9)      Alert on baby’s response in the sling.
10)  Never attempt any dangerous activity while babywearing.
11)  Use carrier that suit for the baby’s age and weight.

2nd  prize
Medley Stretchy wrap sponsored by Peekaroobaby

I practise safe babywearing by making sure that my carriers are all in excellent working condition BEFORE putting my baby in it. And I dress up appropriately - high heels a definite no-no for me. As can be seen from the picture, I was going up the stairs - to lessen the risks of falling, I wore my little girl on my back to ensure that I was hands free and my view would not be obstructed by my (cute) daughter's head!
3rd prize
Mama Patch Cloth Pads worth RM 32.00 sponsored by Mama Patch
               Envirosax worth RM  24.90 sponsored by Peekaroobaby




When wrapping a newborn, I'd stand near a bed to ensure safety in case of accidents ocurring. I'd not backcarry a newborn for fear I cannot check on him constantly. To me, whatever position and however well they are positioned, there is still a safety risk and newborns might not have the strength enough to tell us. So, back carry is a no-no for me.In a wrap, the front cross carry would be most supportive when all 3 layers are used up. With baby in the tummy to tummy position, I'd tie the wrap tight enough to ensure baby is in a comfortable position and that his legs are not bent or crooked. With a newborn, I'd also ensure that he is sitting up right and not stressing out his spine by slightly pushing his back to see if he squirms. If he squirms, it will mean that he is not sitting in a proper position and his spine is bent/curved towards me.  



IBW'10 Contest 2: Babywearing Men

 1st prize 

Pognae SSC worth RM 370.00 sponsored by Sling Me Mama


Entry 21


2nd prize
Peek-a-Pouch of choice worth up to RM 109.00 sponsored by Peekaroobaby


Entry 2


3rd prize
Aluminium Sling Rings worth RM20.00 & MBW Bookmarks worth RM 2.00 sponsored by Malaysian Babywearers
               Envirosax worth RM 24.90 sponsored by Peekaroobaby


Entry 16




IBW'10 Contest 3: Snoozing Baby

 1st prize 

Baby or Toddler Patapum v3 worth up to RM 280.00 sponsored by Tiny Tapir


Entry 26

by C L CHAN 

2nd prize
Apootaern Pouch sponsored by Apootaern


Entry 7


3rd prize
Mama Patch Cloth Pads worth RM 32.00 sponsored by Mama Patch
               Envirosax worth RM 24.90 sponsored by Peekaroobaby


Entry 3





IBW'10 Contest 4: The Importance of Safe Babywearing

1st prize 
Mystery gift worth RM200.00 sponsored by Meistai

It is important to practice Safe Babywearing because to ensure the well being of our baby in the carrier and allow us enjoy all the benefits it offers. Below are the reasons why it is important to practice Safe Babywearing.

1-     SAFE BABYWEARING is choosing suitable carriers that support the baby’s spine naturally to avoid putting baby at risk of deformation and infection.
2-     SAFE BABYWEARING is reading the manual, understands it and follow the manufacturer’s guideline to avoid any mistake during use that may jeopardize the safety of the baby. The recommendation of age and weight must also be obliged to reduce the risk of the baby falling out of the carrier.
3-     SAFE BABYWEARING is placing the baby in correct position to prevent from suffocation which can occur when the baby’s chin slumps on his own chest, kinking the airway.
4-     SAFE BABYWEARING is not involving in dangerous activity while babywearing such as jogging or handling sharp object. Activity that has risk of falling should also be avoided. Eventhough, babywearing allows us to be multi tasking, we should put extra cautious when dealing or near hot area such as stove or oven. This is to prevent unavoidable accident.
5-     SAFE BABYWEARING is ensuring that no fabric is obstructing the airflow of baby’s breathing. Rebreathing air is dangerous and toxic due to high level of carbon dioxide. Besides this, it can also reduce the ability of the baby to breathe.
6-     SAFE BABYWEARING is always aware of the baby’s response. If anything undesirable occurs, fast countermeasure or action can be taken.

Last but least, by practicing Safe Babywearing we can enjoy the bonding between us and our baby to the fullest. It is the greatest expression of love by holding and carrying our baby.
2nd prize
Apootaern pouch sponsored by Apootaern
 It is important to practice safe babywearing because the safety of our little one is our responsibility. Our precious baby is fragile and depends on us for care and protection. On the otherhand safe babywearing need not only refer to the baby but also the babywearer safety.  

First and foremost,  get to know the strength and limitation of your baby carrier. Some carrier are meant for different weather and temperature condition; some are meant for casual wear and others are suited for heavy duty hiking trip; some comes in one size to fit all and some suited for a weight range.
The second point to consider would be practice, practice and practice!!! Get familiar on how to safely put in and take out the baby from the carrier. Practicing with a dummy until you get it right and get somebody to spot you.
The third point to consider is your posture and your foot wears, when it comes to babywearing these two will either make you or break you. Don’t slouch so that your weight is transferred evenly down from you shoulder and hip to the sole of your feet evenly. High heels is nice and sexy but a sprain ankle or a trip and fall might be nasty.
The fourth point to consider is to be vigilant of your surroundings. Watch out for commotion  and sharp object at baby height. Try to keep a gap /distance from your surrounding while babywearing.  
Last but not least, before donning your carrier, it is always good to admire your carrier and at the same time to check if there is any wear and tear. Safety first and you will enjoy babywearing!!!

3rd prize
Mama Patch Cloth Pads worth RM 32.00 sponsored by Mama Patch
               Envirosax worth RM 24.90 sponsored by Peekaroobaby
It is important to practise safe babywearing.. to ensure baby and you
(wearer) are SAFE and comfortable. For tummy-to-tummy position in
a pouch or ringsling, always check baby’s knees are higher than the
bum. Baby’s bones are soft and fragile, no matter if carrying them
with bare hands or in a carrier, their legs should assume in their most
anatomically-correct position. Correct positions will ensure safety
of the baby and also the wearer. With correct position, unnecessary
backache and shoulder aches can be avoided.

When, cradle-carry, always ensure they are breathing okay. No
excess fabrics covering their face, and no chin-to-chest. Silent baby
is not always a good sign. Always check baby’s breathing especially

When wear your baby, always interact with them, kiss and talk
to them. You have your loved ones very near to you. Smaller baby
feels more secure when listening to your heart beats, just like when
they were in your womb! Interacting with them is another way telling
them “they are safe in there”.

It is a known fact that you can multitasking when babywearing.
But ensure that baby and you are safe when you are multitasking. For
example, babywearing while cooking, ensure that hot pots are far from
baby’s reach and the excess fabrics of the carrier are not in your way
to avoid any accidents. But I am sure, mothers’ instincts always tell
you what is right and what is wrong.

Last but not least, babywearing is bliss. Safety always comes
first. Safety ensures comfortness. No matter what invention we have
in this world, the flaws are always humane. So, dig more knowledge
and let your and others’ experiences be your sifu.
Safe babywearing is a beneficial babywearing!So, enjoy babywearing
your loved ones..



MummyHugs Pouch OR Ring Sling up to the worth of RM 89.90 sponsored by MummyHugs
Entry 12
2nd  prize
MummyHugs Voucher worth RM 50.00 sponsored by MummyHugs
Entry 18

3rd prize
Mama Patch Cloth Pads (twin pack) worth RM 32.00 sponsored by Mama Patch
Entry 2



IBW'10 Contest 6: My First Babywearing Experience

 1st prize
Mama Patch Ring Sling worth RM 158.00 sponsored by Mama Patch
Entry 3
by Mrs T
Place: Our bedroom
Time: Morning
Date: March 2010

Mumbling to myself (monolog)
"Ring sling - checked!
Baby - awake - checked!
demo videos @ youtube - watched!" 
Am i confident? Yes!
Am i happy? Absolutely! :-)

Okay, i need to do threading now.
Pull the tails through both ring...easy
Now i have to put tail over first ring and through the second ring. 
ok...looks fine and the fabrics is not twisted. 
Now, i have to spread the fabrics evenly get twisted now...
Oh,,,why i can't find the fabrics end????
looks all cramp here


Yes, above is the first baby wearing's chapter in my life. It actually started when i came across baby wearing articles to deal with fussy baby in internet. I fall for ring sling and can't help thinking to get one for me. Hence, when we accidentally saw a ring sling during shopping at one baby store, i grab it without second thought. 
It is a cotton ring sling, very thin cotton and come with big steel ring. It cost me only RM 39.90 and was wondering then why people pay hundred dollar for ring sling. Hahahha...

Okay, threading had took me forever and it was time to put Alesya in. She was very supportive. Enjoyed her every moments and it motivated me to keep on trying. Put her through was not difficult but to adjust the ring sling, really tested by patient. The fabrics got twisted and it looks horrible.

However, after struggling i managed to do tummy to tummy, cradle carry as well as forward facing style. It hold Alesya nicely but was with ugly twisted looks ring sling. Oh, my happy meter drop to zero!

Yes, my first experience was not a beautiful one yet i never lose interest in baby wearing. I I study from forum and learn from seniors whom had their experience with ring sling. I'm happy that i bought another ringsling made of linen which definitely a right purchase. 

I still keep my first ring sling but i have expand to another ring sling and two SSCs. I'm glad that even though i had reason to give up on baby wearing but i don't. I take that as a challange and it worth more when knowing that i made the right choice for Alesya too.
2nd  prize
MummyHugs Voucher worth RM 50.00 sponsored by MummyHugs
Entry 2
My firstborn was a fussy baby. He needed to be carried during the day… He needed to be carried during the night. My husband and I would take turns to swaddle him to sleep, day and night. By the time he is content enough to sleep, it’s time for the next feed. Looking back, it seems like we’ve accomplished a very challenging task.
All through confinement, I’ve been thinking of this piece of cloth I’ve seen people use to swaddle their babies… something I saw with rings on the shoulder. I did not know a thing about the terms ‘babywearing’ and ‘slings’. I did not even know where to start searching.
When my baby was about 3 months, the Parenthood Expo took place in Mid Valley. We grabbed the chance to visit it, hoping to find something we can use to carry baby in. Surprisingly, back then, we knew that the crotch type carrier is not what we want. It was where we learnt there’s the ring sling and the pouch. Somehow, the ring sling did not appeal to us so we went for the pouch. Inexperienced as we were, we went for a size that suited my husband (who’s 3 sizes bigger than me) so we could share.
Back home,  I was very excited to start wearing my baby while my suspecting in laws looked on with fear and anxiety. “Are you sure this is safe”, they asked. My husband was very supportive and kept persuading them it will work.
Baby in hands, cradled… legs in first… we try to remember the steps. Sadly, it did not work out (remember I had a pouch 3 sizes bigger) as we wished it would. Baby seems very wobbly in there as though he was going to fall. It was not safe at all. Without thinking twice, my Father in law took the baby away, deeming the pouch not safe. It felt that way to me, too. I wondered why…  it seems so comfortable for both the adult and the baby when we looked at pictures. “Well, pictures can lie”, I thought to myself. “They are advertisements, after all”, I kept thinking. As a result, the pouch got stashed away for the next few months… until I gained confidence to start all over again (that’s another story).

3rd prize
Mama Patch Cloth Pads (1 twin pack) worth RM 32.00 sponsored by Mama Patch
Entry 1

Despite having two kids already I only started babywearing only recently on my third child. I was actually more then ever determine to embark into babywearing this time around as the previous time I did not have the chance to do so. Furthermore back then all these babywearing gears was not easily made available, nontheless I was willing to try. I made extensive research on the type of babywearing gears and at that point of time with the limited amount of budget plus thinking of the challenges that I might have to go through in babywearing i.e think I’m the only one who will babywear for the first 3 months thus I decided to go for the Sized Pouch.
My Babywearing experiment started possibly before the end of my confinement, wanted to start sooner but since I am a c-sec case thus only manage to experiment after the 30 days. At that point I have started doing extensive housework like laundaring and so sometimes the baby needs to be carried. Coping with a recuperating c-sect scar and babywearing was a whole new added challenge altogether. I was not really scared but rather anxious and apprehensive.
Initially I would have wanted to try it out with my husband, then after a few thoughts, scared that he might disapproved of me trying to babywear while confinement I decided to just go ahead and try it on my own with the most confident state of mind and when I am ready. Standing right infront of a big mirror all alone with the baby and also looking at the leaflet manual, it was infact an interesting juggle for me.  For the first time lucky enough baby was co-operating rather well despite the shortcomings of me being totally clueless on hands on babywearing. Scooping the baby gently and supporting her on one hand before trying to lay her in the pouch as infact not so easy. I thought I might break her in the process and me being small too it does have some form of psychological effect. I was holding on to the baby quite oftenly thinking that she might just slip off or something, But the baby didn’t even cry, she was only making squeking sounds, probably thinking my mummy is trying to learn something here I must give her space to do so…  She seems to like it but after a while I realise that I was actually doing it all wrong! No wonder I felt something was amidst, I didn’t fold the pouch as it was supposed to. Lucky me and also baby, nothing bad happened. I was infact carrying the baby as if I was a STORK!!!!! I was thinking. Gosh!!! I’m a total IDIOT. Adjusting the baby while trying not to hurt her or simply accidentally bending her as well as trying not to touch my scar was infact the biggest hurdle for me. That did not deter me to try again the next day. Thus after a few rounds on YouTube Learning, I finally got it right.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Announcing the Winners.. Blog Giveaway Contest

For this Giveaway contest, we have FIVE Chico sling bags worth RM30 each, sponsored by Tiny Tapir... and the winners are..

-Babywearing A Newborn (0-2 months)

-Babywearing An Older Child (1 year old and above)

-Babywearing And Multitasking

-Breastfeeding While Babywearing

-Child Babywearer (can also be 'teddywearer' ^_^)

We have TWO Coolababy Cloth Diapers worth RM 30 each, sponsored by Cloth DNZ to giveaway and the winners are: 1. Linda for Best Entry and 2. Sheena for Best Happy Picture.

Thank you for your participation and see you in IBW2011!!

Note: Winners-please email me your address at .

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sorry for the delay...

Dear contestants,

Please accept our sincere apologies for the delay in publishing the results. We are still going through and finalising the details.

Results will be announced by this Sunday (12 December 2010).

Thank you for your patience.

Friday, December 3, 2010

KL Babywearers December 2010 Gathering

MBW KL Team will be organising its last gathering for this year!

Our topic this time will be very INTERESTING as usual - BACKCARRY!!! If you'd like to learn how to backcarry your little ones in your carriers, here is your chance!!

Here are the details of the gathering:-

Topic: BaCkCarrYinG!!!
Date: Saturday, December 18, 2010
Time: 3:00pm - 5:00pm
Location: Mom's Little Ones, 1st Floor, 25-2, Jalan BPP 5/1, Permai Square 1,Pusat Bandar Putra Permai,43300 Seri Kembangan,Selangor. (Tel: 0389414252)

General Rules When Trying Out Carriers•Please ask permission from the respective owners before trying out their carriers.
•Please handle those carriers with tender loving care.
•Please make sure your hands are clean prior to trying out a carrier.
•NO EATING when wearing other people's carriers. The wearer or the wearee. Please.
•Refrain from trying out carriers if your babies are not well, i.e. have runny nose, etc. We would like to maintain the hygiene of the carriers as some carriers especially SSCs and MTs are not actually "washable".

Rule of thumb

Do spread the news! All are welcome! Bring your carriers if you have any! We'd love to meet you there.

See you there!