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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

International Babywearing Week is here again!

It's here again! The most exciting and fun event of the year in the babywearing world is here again! This year, the theme is no other than "SAFE BABYWEARING: ENJOY THE BENEFITS".

It is no news to us at MBW that safe babywearing is important. Indeed, this has been a topic of discussion in our forum since the very day we started! No doubt some could be reading the discussions with fear in mind ("what if I didn't do this right..." but we ensure you, one could still very well enjoy the benefits of babywearing. All we have to do is to be more aware of what we are doing and keep our eyes and hearts open in acquiring the babywearing skills that works for us. And, yes, this can be different for everyone.

For those who has been celebrating this event with us for the past years, it's great to have you again. For those who are new to it... be it babywearing or the MBWcommunity, Welcome. We hope you enjoy being with us during this special month of the year and oh yes, this year, we are celebrating it from this very day, 6th October 2010 to 7th November 2010.

Have fun checking out the contests and events we have planned out for you and most importantly, ENJOY THE BENEFITS of SAFE BABYWEARING


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