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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Entries for IBW'10 Contest 4: The Importance of Safe Babywearing

It is important to practice safe babywearing… whenever and wherever we are…
·         so no one (including babywearer and the baby) is hurt in the process.
·         to truly enjoy the time we share with baby while babywearing without fearing their safety is at risk.
·         to be a good example to the public so we can promote babywearing by showing off how comfortable and enjoyable babywearing can be.

 It is important to practice safe babywearing because the safety of our little one is our responsibility. Our precious baby is fragile and depends on us for care and protection. On the otherhand safe babywearing need not only refer to the baby but also the babywearer safety.  

First and foremost,  get to know the strength and limitation of your baby carrier. Some carrier are meant for different weather and temperature condition; some are meant for casual wear and others are suited for heavy duty hiking trip; some comes in one size to fit all and some suited for a weight range.
The second point to consider would be practice, practice and practice!!! Get familiar on how to safely put in and take out the baby from the carrier. Practicing with a dummy until you get it right and get somebody to spot you.
The third point to consider is your posture and your foot wears, when it comes to babywearing these two will either make you or break you. Don’t slouch so that your weight is transferred evenly down from you shoulder and hip to the sole of your feet evenly. High heels is nice and sexy but a sprain ankle or a trip and fall might be nasty.
The fourth point to consider is to be vigilant of your surroundings. Watch out for commotion  and sharp object at baby height. Try to keep a gap /distance from your surrounding while babywearing.  
Last but not least, before donning your carrier, it is always good to admire your carrier and at the same time to check if there is any wear and tear. Safety first and you will enjoy babywearing!!!

It is important to practise safe babywearing.. to ensure baby and you
(wearer) are SAFE and comfortable. For tummy-to-tummy position in
a pouch or ringsling, always check baby’s knees are higher than the
bum. Baby’s bones are soft and fragile, no matter if carrying them
with bare hands or in a carrier, their legs should assume in their most
anatomically-correct position. Correct positions will ensure safety
of the baby and also the wearer. With correct position, unnecessary
backache and shoulder aches can be avoided.

When, cradle-carry, always ensure they are breathing okay. No
excess fabrics covering their face, and no chin-to-chest. Silent baby
is not always a good sign. Always check baby’s breathing especially

When wear your baby, always interact with them, kiss and talk
to them. You have your loved ones very near to you. Smaller baby
feels more secure when listening to your heart beats, just like when
they were in your womb! Interacting with them is another way telling
them “they are safe in there”.

It is a known fact that you can multitasking when babywearing.
But ensure that baby and you are safe when you are multitasking. For
example, babywearing while cooking, ensure that hot pots are far from
baby’s reach and the excess fabrics of the carrier are not in your way
to avoid any accidents. But I am sure, mothers’ instincts always tell
you what is right and what is wrong.

Last but not least, babywearing is bliss. Safety always comes
first. Safety ensures comfortness. No matter what invention we have
in this world, the flaws are always humane. So, dig more knowledge
and let your and others’ experiences be your sifu.
Safe babywearing is a beneficial babywearing!So, enjoy babywearing
your loved ones..

It is important to practice safe babywearing ALL THE TIME as much as it is important to hold your child’s hand when you are crossing the road ALL THE TIME… cos you never know what awaits you at the other end.
While you think that it is safe to wear your baby wobbly and loose in a carrier for ‘only  5 minutes’ as you finish your chore, your baby might be sliding down without notice (as you were too busy and occupied with your chore) and hurt himself.
While you are busy selecting your groceries, your baby might be doing the same behind your back (while being back carried) and hitting you with a can (ouch!).
While you have him dangling in a carrier way below your tummy, you wonder why he kept crying for attention when he is already being worn.
And, remember the times you almost sat on him cos he was being such a sweet baby and snoozing at the back… quietly?
Babywearing may be fun and enjoyable but let us not forget to be alert and to practice safe babywearing at all times as you never know what could happen around the bend just when you weren’t thinking (and, yes, aren’t us trying to multitask while we wear our babies?).

It is important to practice Safe Babywearing because to ensure the well being of our baby in the carrier and allow us enjoy all the benefits it offers. Below are the reasons why it is important to practice Safe Babywearing.

1-     SAFE BABYWEARING is choosing suitable carriers that support the baby’s spine naturally to avoid putting baby at risk of deformation and infection.
2-     SAFE BABYWEARING is reading the manual, understands it and follow the manufacturer’s guideline to avoid any mistake during use that may jeopardize the safety of the baby. The recommendation of age and weight must also be obliged to reduce the risk of the baby falling out of the carrier.
3-     SAFE BABYWEARING is placing the baby in correct position to prevent from suffocation which can occur when the baby’s chin slumps on his own chest, kinking the airway.
4-     SAFE BABYWEARING is not involving in dangerous activity while babywearing such as jogging or handling sharp object. Activity that has risk of falling should also be avoided. Eventhough, babywearing allows us to be multi tasking, we should put extra cautious when dealing or near hot area such as stove or oven. This is to prevent unavoidable accident.
5-     SAFE BABYWEARING is ensuring that no fabric is obstructing the airflow of baby’s breathing. Rebreathing air is dangerous and toxic due to high level of carbon dioxide. Besides this, it can also reduce the ability of the baby to breathe.
6-     SAFE BABYWEARING is always aware of the baby’s response. If anything undesirable occurs, fast countermeasure or action can be taken.

Last but least, by practicing Safe Babywearing we can enjoy the bonding between us and our baby to the fullest. It is the greatest expression of love by holding and carrying our baby.


It is important to practice safe babywearing as our child safety is a vital issue that we should never compromise with. Besides, safety issues came together with responsibility and trust. How?

As a mother, we may have many reasons to go for babywearing. It can be multitasking reason, soothe fussy baby, to get closer to little one or just because trendy and tempting carrier available in market. We can have thousand different reason yet we should never stop focusing on our child safety. Therefore, we should always check to ensure that our baby can breath easily in sling, been carried in correct posture, carried in safe carrier and the list goes on. Yes, this is a part of responsibility, the same one like providing good food, take good care or give good education. If we can't afford practice safe babywearing then maybe we shouldn't babywear. Better safe than sorry right? Of course safety is a serious issue so we should follow the step of safety in babywearing to minimize risk and gain babywearing benefits.

Besides responsibility, trust is also an element in safe babywearing. Ever wonder where to see 100% trust? Husband and wife? 95% i guess...parents to kids? 97% maybe...friend? Actually, it's kids to parents. Ever see when father throw his kid to the air? How many percent the kid trust that his/her father will catch him/her? Yes, 100% absolutely. And because of this trust, we shall never take safe babywearing for granted. As our child depend on us so it is our duty to ensure we babywear them safely. 

Lastly, by babywearing safely we will always have satisfaction in our heart that we have give our best to our own child. What else matter than our child right?

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