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Saturday, March 21, 2009

16th Nov 2008: IBW08 Walk, KL


It was a beautiful, sunny day as Babywearers from KL gathered casually for the very first time just to walk around, shop around, have lunch together, catch up and above all, HAVE FUN!

The 'walk' was organised by us in conjunction with International Babywearing Week 2008. On this special day, babywearers across the globe joins the fun, sharin the same passion : to promote the love they found in babywearing.

Gathered around a play area located on level 2 of The Curve, we started our walk at around 10.30am, with about 20 babywearers - a much better turn out than the expected 15 that registered with us.

The first targeted area was what was meant to be the most crowded place in The Curve during weekends - The Flea Market - only there was no flea market on that day. Later did we find out that it was due to the settings/work that's taking place for Christmas decor.

Nevertheless, we managed to to find a great spot for a group photo before we went further:


slumberAnd, introducing the Malaysian Babywearers team from KL...



The MBW Team (KL) in total...from left to right...kl-team

Elly, Farid, Adriana, Jess (and, camera-shy Rayhana)

After the photography session, we headed for Ikea (there's always a crowd in Ikea :D) through Ikano Power Centre... A group of more than 20 Babywearers (a few joined us after the group picture)...


Mum and Dads... babywearing :D Busy chatting... busy looking around... busy checking each other's carriers


As we walk and walk towards Ikea, we are attracting more and more attention. Probably because our grouo was fairly big, no one plucked up the courage to approach us and ask. It's good news, though when a few passers by who saw us that day managed to find their way to the MBW forum :D


It was only 11.30am but we decided we'll settle down for early lunch to beat the crowd...

spot-the-babywearersWe could have more photos but right after this, we were told we are not to take photos in the shopping complex. Oops!.... :p

~Jess T.

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