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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Celebrate Babywearing!


It is International Babywearing Week this week and the last Penang Gathering on Nov 8 was just simply to Celebrate Babywearing!

The feast...


The team... my little one was indeed singing "Happy Birthday" ;p

Sadly, the Penang team was missing Shida on that day :(


It was a fun gathering and above all, it attracted some new participants from the launch of the IBW08 launch at the Little Penang Street Market. And, who is to say, after this gathering, that only Moms would wear their babies?

From the exposure in the papers and media (thanks to his wife putting him on the Babywearing Show), Daddy here is now a pro with the Beco and is all hands-on and glad to show off his skills with it ;)


And, aren't we glad that a confinement lady and a babysitter made it to our gathering to learn up how they can wear the little ones in their care while they attend to their chores :D


And, me, baby-less, is always trying to grab the opportunity to show off the different ways and methods with someone's baby ;p Here's the long-forgotten two-pouch method:



~Jess T.

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