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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Adventist Hospital World Breastfeeding Event 2009 Queensbay Mall, PENANG

Venue: Queensbay Mall Penang
Date : 2nd August 2009
Time : 2pm to 5pm

It's World Breastfeeding Week (1-7 August 2009) and MBW is glad to be part of the celebrations, going around events and well, spreading the Babywearing love :D

On this beautiful Sunday, we were invited to be part of Adventist Hospital, Penang to Queensbaby Mall, in conjunctions with their WBW09 event.

Apart from an information booth with our carrier library for attendees to try...

We had fun doing the demos....

... and showing people how to use the carrier of their choice...

Not forgetting the times they are happy to know more about babywearing...

We were also judges to the Babywearing Contest, where 5 Dads are invited to participate to sling their babies in a Ring Sling... it was meant to be their own babies but come the time for the contest, their babies are sleeping?? hmmm....
Anyways, we had a demo with the ring sling...

Which they later used to wear their dummy babies ... the fastest with the best positioning (in terms of safety and snugness) wins! One had the rings too close to baby's head... another had the baby all crunched up... and one looked like he was trying to breastfeed!

Overall, it was a fun filled day for us at MBW :)

Look out for more... we sure are going places in August and September.
Mark your calendars!
21st-28th September 2009 is International Babywearing Week!

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