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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Intel PG with Baby Paradise

World Breastfeeding Week celebration is extended further by Baby Paradise in Penang with more visits to Intel.

Following the visit to Dell last Wednesday, we were glad to be part of the event in Intel, Penang, too.

Arthur had to tag along today... for various reasons... one being he wanted to come along with me as he heard that I am going to do a babywearing demo :)

So... there we are... Mother and Son team, on behalf of MBW...

To get him ready and to ensure less havoc :p... I made sure I brought along some 'activities' for him to do while Momma does the demo...

He seems to be enjoying himself as I demo...
Sorry if the pictures does not seem clear. Only later did I realise the lens are dirty :(

As this is a fairly new group of Mothers, we did the Introduction to Babywearing... working from the easy and convenient pouch to the ultimate babywearing gear... the wrap.

The ring sling demo...
... with a doll...

Then, the Mei Tai with a 'toddler' sized bear...

And... just as I brought out the wrap... Arthur came and stood beside me (he was quietly doing up his sticker book all the while before)... could it be he is trying to show us his preference? So, how can resist?? A demo with a child!

It was a surprise that the wrap got the most attention and the most questions of all. This is indeed the first time people did not favour the one shouldered varieties... the pouch and the ring sling. Well... I wonder if Arthur taking part in it made the difference?

And, that's my boy truly enjoying himself and all the attention he got... and he says he wants to go with me to the next one, too! Well, that's tomorrow in Intel, Kulim.

Keep checking for more updates :)

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