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Monday, August 10, 2009

August 8th 2009 : Penang Gathering

Venue: Koala Kids Enrichment Centre, YMCA, Penang
Date : 8th August 2009
Time: 2.30pm to 5.00pm

It was a cloudy day and it was raining on and off. The gatherings in the previous few months has not been quite lonely with only a few showing up due to various commitments and weather changes... the sign up on Facebook is always more than the numbers that actually turn up... Shida was down with flu and cough and well... we just have to make the best of things and go on with the gatherings that we promised.

We were excited to be able to meet up at someplace new and more interesting. A place where toys and games are readily available... where children can have fun... safely within the centre. Big thank you to Alison (a regular attendee) for letting us use the place for our monthly gatherings. We much appreciate the opportunity.

The turn out was surprisingly better than many months ago and we had good fun catching up with people whom we have previously met but not join us for a while.

The talk at Dell last Wednesday brought us a new member who was interested in the Mei Tai and signed one out after registering as a Carrier Library member.

As always, we are all very excited seeing another new attendee bring a newborn. After some introductions by Debz on the different carriers available, the SSC attracted the new Mommy the most.

So, here we go, having a 2 month-old in an SSC after much caution in putting the baby in the correct position, with muslin wraps to support the head. Most are surprised that an SSC can actually work for a baby that small.

After trying a few more options, the pouch still seems to be the easiest to use with a newborn in the cradle carry position ;)
This is where the children had fun...
And, this is where the Mommies had fun :)

Until we meet again, have fun babywearing!

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