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Thursday, October 29, 2009

IBW '09 Babywearing Walk in Gurney Plaza, PENANG

18th Oct 2009 - It was a cloudy day (with a chance of meatballs??!) as Penang Babywearers gathered in front of Chilli's of G Hotel at 2.30pm for the annual IBW walk. Joining us on the day were Bee Gaik, Alison, Debz, Karen and Rohani, with the older children tagging along, wearing their 'little ones'.

As it started drizzling, we headed indoors to wait for the full attendance before proceeding to the new wing of Gurney plaza. The plan was to round the concourse area of both the new and old wing of the plaza to catch the Sunday crowd of families enjoying their weekends. Unlike most malls, there is no specific 'kiddy level' in Gurney plaza.

Walking around in a group, wearing our babies, we sure turned heads of passers-by who stared and wondered what we were doing. While there might not be a huge crowd with young families, we sure enjoyed ourselves as we finished the walk 45 minutes later and settled down for tea at Big Apple Donuts. We almost took over the whole place!

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