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Thursday, October 29, 2009

IBW'09 Entries - Caption Contest

We've been scratching our heads to come up with something that goes with this year's International Babywearing Week theme: Close Enough to Kiss.
So, this is it!
Fill up the caption in the most creative manner and walk away with the prize!
Just what is little Justin thinking about when his Momma kisses him?No word limits ;)
Entry 1
"How do I tell Mum I just spilt superglue on my face?"
Entry 2
"Err... Mom, I think this "stripe" is making my buttock looks fat! Can you please wear me in plain colour next time?"
Entry 3
"I am so in love with my Mommy because Mommy always just a kiss away from me and hug me around"
Entry 4
"Don't need to be jealous! You can have your own Mum/Dad give you a wet loving kiss on the cheek, too. Just ask them to wear you. It's easy, convenient but most importantly... you get big wet kisses and big bear hugs ANYTIME!"
Entry 5
"Hey you! Don't you even think of it! I'm the only one she can wear!"
Entry 6
"Haha Daddy, I know you are jealous! You thought you were the only one who could kiss her. I'm number one in Mummy's heart, the apple of her eye"
Entry 7
"Mommy, look! I want that sling!"
Entry 8
Oh, man, the paparazzis are always here during cuddly babywearing moments with my Mama!

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