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Thursday, October 29, 2009

IBW'09 Entries - Slogan Contest

Put your thinking caps on and complete the following in a manner most relevant to you (in less than 30 words):


Entry 1
Babywearing give me the freedom of two hands to care for my older kids, eat, shopping, going up and down the stairs, surf the internet and go to 'pasar malam'.
Entry 2
Babywearing... definitely makes your baby close to your heart.
Entry 3
Babywearing... never have to ask, "Where's my baby?" when you wear your baby!
Entry 4
Babywearing is an ultimate bonding as near to heart to be loved, near to arms to be hugged, near to lips to be kissed and near to body to be protected.
Entry 5
Babywearing can simply be summed up in 5Cs - Comfort, Convenient, Closeness, Calming and Coolest must-have!
Entry 6
Babywearing has been the most rewarding parenting experience, comforting for baby, convenient for Mommy, great for Daddy, keeping everyone happy!
Entry 7
Babywearing means slipping on a cozy sling, sliding on a comfotable pouch, slapping on the buckles of a SSC and discovering the convenience and joy that babywearing brings.
Entry 8
Babywearing is when there is no other pleasure to equal the charm of that of a baby who is worn and cuddled near one's heart.
Entry 9
Babywearing is like keeping your most wonderful and precious gift close enough to cuddle.
Entry 10
Babywearing... the ultimate way to bond with your baby that also provides the peace of mind and ease of time.
Entry 11
Babywearing... means instant kisses and cuddles when it matters the most
Entry 12
Babywearing... is the most stylish fashion statement you can make

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